What To Look Out For In a Mobile Phone in Bangladesh

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Look out for mobile: The smartphone market in Bangladesh is growing at a fast rate, providing customers with a full range of options to choose from. Depending on your budget, you can get a good phone from anywhere below BDT 10,000 and over BDT 100,000. However, your decision will depend on more than just figuring out the Apple iPhone price in Bangladesh or Samsung phones readily available. In this article, we will review what to look out for before purchasing a mobile phone in Bangladesh:

Battery Life

look out for mobile

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the quality of the phone’s battery life. If you the kind of phone user that has multiple apps open simultaneously, you may need to consider a phone with longer battery life and ultra-fast charging capabilities.


When looking at the phone’s memory, consider both the RAM and ROM. Random Access Memory (RAM) will determine the speed of the phone and its ease of operation. On the other hand, Read Only Memory (ROM) is used as storage and this is where your images, videos, and audio files go. Generally, a phone with 2GB+ RAM and 16 GB+ ROM will serve you well. The bigger the memory, the more efficient the phone will be.


Phone processors are often considered a technical aspect, with jargon such as Snapdragon, quad-core, octa-core, and MediaTek being commonly used. However, this is a major component to look out for since it will affect the speed and efficiency of your phone. A simple rule of thumb is to look at the processing speed, which is expired as GigaHertz (GHz). A higher GHz means the phone will be faster.


look out for mobile

Phone camera is not just hype, but a major feature to consider when buying a phone. While most phones in the market are trying to outdo each other by offering more megapixels, the quality of photos will depend on other factors. Look for other factors such as the speed of autofocus, aperture, and ISO levels. If you are a lover of photos, choose a phone with a 12 or 16 MP phone and an aperture of f/2.0 or lower to get good quality photos, especially in low light.

Operating System

You have only two options as far as operating systems in mobile phones are concerned. You can either go for an iPhone and use the proprietary iOS or choose an Android phone. While the iPhone is praised for speed, it is an expensive option. Android phones are more affordable, but they can be slower as manufacturers often add features to make their brands more user-friendly.


Although not a major consideration, the display size of a phone may also affect your decision. An ideal option for many people is a phone with a 5.5-6 inch or QHD display, which allows you to enjoy a rich media experience in a device that you can easily carry in your pocket to your purse.


Finally, before deciding on the phone you are buying, you will have to consider the cost. The price point varies greatly, with phones that have better processor speeds, cameras, memory, and display attracting a higher price. In any case, however, the decision that you make should be an average of all the factors discussed above-look out for mobile.

We hope you found this blog useful for selecting your ideal mobile phone in Bangladesh. Stay updated with the latest mobile phone and electronics news in BD with Beshijoss.

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